Avid Stormshield Rucksack


Crafted from durable, waterproof Stormshield fabric, the Avid Carp Stormshield Rucksack comes in at 55cm x 35cm x 30cm giving you plenty of session storage space in a convenient roll-to design. Durable grab handles and padded shoulder straps make this stylish and practical piece of fishing luggage easy to carry out to your swim, while the reinforced, waterproof base allows you to keep the bag beside you while you fish, giving you the practicality of having everything you need close at hand.

A convenient internal pocket holds your wallet, keys, and mobile phone, keeping them close to, yet safely out of sight. Stormshield technology makes this a good rucksack for boat and roving anglers, as it ensures your gear stays completely dry, even when the bag’s exposed to the elements. Whether fishing out in the open, or walking long distances to that perfect swim, this rucksack is weatherproof, lightweight, durable, and spacious – everything you need from practical luggage for outdoor pursuits.

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