Avid Titanium Retracta Gated Splicing Needle


The Titanium Retracta Splicing Needle from Avid Carp is part of the Rectracta tool series and is designed to neatly splice loops or join monofilament lines to lead core. The micro-engineered gate latch ensures that the needle won’t snag. This is also the perfect tool as a baiting needle for applying soft or smaller baits on to the hair, without splitting or tearing the bait.The Splicing needle offers strong, sturdy tools whilst not compromising space in your tackle box. The needle is made super strong thanks to the titanium coating over the metal. This increases both strength and durability when pushing the needle through baits as you make your hair rig presentation.

Avid Titanium Retracta Gated Splicing Needle Product Description

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