Dynamite Baits Frenzied Maize Jar 2.5L


Cooked in the jar or tin to retain oils and natural attractants
No preservatives are used
Ready-to-use straight from the tin or jar

Feeding Maize and fishing with a small stack of it on a hair rig is a very effective way of fooling carp and other big fish on waters where they have seen a lot of boilies and wised up to them. Maize looks a bit like giant sweetcorn and shares many of the same properties such as its sweet juice which is stored within the can as it is packed and then cooked. Large jars are available for times when you want to fish with a bed of bait or you can get tins for times when you only want a few hookbait samples. The main thing that sets the Dynamite Particle Range apart from the rest is there are no added preservatives what so ever! The range of particles are cooked inside the tin/jar, meaning none of their natural fish attracting oils and nutrients, attractants are lost.

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Maize Jar 2.5L Product Description

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