Drennan Acolyte Plus Feeder Rods


With the popularity of slightly extended platforms on commercial fisheries, shorter feeder rods have become increasingly useful. The 9ft Ultra and its stepped-up brother, the Acolyte Plus 9ft Feeder, both allow fish to be played and landed right up close to the angler. The rod’s two-piece construction ensures that it can also be quickly and easily folded in half for ease of transportation in a Rod Case or Sleeve. A handy pair of Neoprene rod socks and a retaining band are also included. Up to (1.5oz) 45g 10FT, up to (2oz) 60g 12FT. Best matched with reel lines from 4lb to 8lb (1.8kg to 3.6kg) 10FT. Best matched with reel lines from 5lb to 8lb (2.3kg to 3.6kg) 12FT. Supplied with fine 1.5oz, 2oz and 2.5oz push-in carbon tips (10FT). Supplied with fine 2.5oz, 3oz and 4oz push-in carbon tips (12FT).

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