Drennan Flat Feeder & Mould


The Drennan In-Line Flat Method Feeder with Easy Release Mould is fish safe and carp fishery approved. Designed to distribute the weight of the bait load so that it complements the lead in the base, the In-Line Flat Method Feeder allows the feeder to fly through the air in an aerodynamic bomb shape. The shape of the feeder allows you to achieve fantastic casting distances and can significantly improve the accuracy of your cast, particularly if weather conditions, such as strong winds, are against you. The body of the method feeder features two large bait holding ribs, which are spread far apart and curved away from each other, providing you with ample space to place your hookbait. The easy release mould makes it incredibly simple to fill this feeder.

Drennan Flat Feeder & Mould Product Description

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