Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Margin Mix 1.8kg


Designed for targeting big carp down the edge on commercials. SwimStim Margin Mix is a combination of Koi Technology and several secret big carp ingredients. Mixed slightly wet, it creates a fine cloud when feeding which quickly disperses in order to help avoid liners. Once on the deck, the larger particles incorporated in the mix help keep the carp feeding on the bottom. Available in a 1.8kg bumper bag using EcoChoice recyclable packaging!

SwimStim technology has been combined with Dynamite’s Specimen carp knowledge to create a mix loved by those big margin carp!
Contains SwimStim Koi Technology.
Fine soluble cloud to instantly draw fish in but disperses quickly to help avoid liners.
Contains larger particles to help keep fish focused on feeding on deck feeding.
1.8kg bag with EcoChoice recyclable packaging

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Margin Mix 1.8kg Product Description

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