Dynamite Baits Tiger Nuts Jar 2.5L


Ready-to-use Tiger Nuts
Cooked in the jar or tin to retain natural sugars and carp attractants
Mini, Chopped, Chilli and Whole Tiger Nuts available

Our quality tiger nuts are ready to use straight from the jar or tin and require no preparation at all. Available as Monster (whole tigers), chopped and mini tigers The chopped tigers are ideal for inclusion in spod and stick mixes Our mini tigers are ideal to use as a bed of feed in conjunction with a whole tiger or a Monster Tiger Nut boilie on the hair. All our Tigers are cooked in the jar or tin with no added preservatives, all of the natural sugars and natural attractants that are normally lost during the cooking process remain in the tin.

Dynamite Baits Tiger Nuts Jar 2.5L Product Description

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