ESP PVA Mesh 32mm Kit


This 32mm diameter PVA Mesh Kit is ideal for producing less compacted, rounded bags of bait. It is therefore supplied with a flexible moulded funnel which fits securely in place over the top of the bait tube and can be removed for convenient storage.The bait tube is loaded with PVA Mesh knitted from an ultra-fine thread with a strong anti-ladder construction. The unique combination of thread diameter and weave pattern produces a versatile mesh tube which is strong enough to be packed hard with bait yet fine enough to retain tiny pellets, boilie crumb and maggots.Most importantly this ultra-fine mesh results in smaller knots and provides a controlled meltdown which is sufficient to get the bait to the bottom in deep water and yet disperse completely without residue.The PVA Mesh bait tube fits neatly inside the convenient waterproof container.

ESP PVA Mesh 32mm Kit Product Description

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