Guru Adjustable Rig Cases


An ingenious adjustable hooklength storage solution from Guru with a clever sliding plate system inside. This allows you to store rigs from two to 6 Inches, or two to 8 Inches depending on which size option you choose. The sliding plates with the locating pins can be moved and locked at half Inch intervals and will happily accommodate hook sizes down to a tiny fine wire size 24. They also have a tiny barb that prevents your hooklengths accidentally slipping off. The outer casing is waterproof and sealed and features easy open gips and a magnetic closure. There’s even a set of labels so you can keep track of what’s what inside.


Hardwearing, durable, and weather resistant
Waterproof seal
Easy-open grips
strong magnetic locking system
Heavy duty hinges
Internal labels provided

Guru Adjustable Rig Cases Product Description

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