HTO Urban Finesse


Modern urban camo designed to meet current trends.
K Style Spinning Guides.
Skeleton reel seat on lighter models and full VSS on heavier models.
Two-piece. Length: 1.98m. Casting: 0.5-5g.

HTO Urban Finesse Product Description

A trio of head-turning, modern ultralight rods for the street and LRF angler. These stunning rods feature a cool, urban camo colour scheme designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious Light game angler. Under the hood, these rods are serious fishing tools designed with the specific actions required for fishing with light lures from plugs to metals to soft plastics. The tubular tips on each rod are super sensitive, so you can work lures effectively, knowing precisely what it is going on at the business end. The tip blends into a more powerful butt section to help with casting and when playing fish. All rods feature quality fittings, including K spinning guides. The two lighter models are fitted with an appealing skeleton reel seat for a minimalist look and to blend in well with smaller, lighter reels; they also feature an urban camo EVA rear butt grip. The heavier model is fitted with a VSS style real seat, for comfort when fishing with larger reels. The rods feature an orange accent on the tip ring for low visibility fishing situations. Stunning, modern blanks designed for ultralight fishing with super sensitive tubular tips and powerful butt sections for playing fish.

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