Korda Bait Floss


This Bait Floss is perfect for tying hookbaits onto your rigs – such as attaching them to a ring or micro swivel – and can either be used to lasso a pop-up in the traditional way, or be threaded through the middle of it with a baiting needle and held in place via a Floss Cap. Bait Floss is extra strong so that you can properly tighten it without any risk of it snapping, not to mention of baits flying off on the cast, and it is unscented and waxed. When the tag ends are burnt with a lighter they can be neatly ‘blobbed’, to prevent any chance of knots coming undone or for when using it with a Floss Cap. Each spool – which is designed to neatly fit into the Tackle Box – contains 30m of Bait Floss.

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