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The Method is something which is often overlooked when it comes to targeting larger carp, but it can be an extremely effective way of targeting fish of all sizes – and not just carp, as it works for specimen bream, tench, chub and barbel as well. This is an improved version of our original Bait-Up feeder, with a tri-lobe design and with one of these ‘fins’ being heavier than the other two, it ensures that it lands the right way up every time, with your hookbait on top of the ball of groundbait. Its shape enables it to easily be packed into a ball of groundbait and for it to grip to it, and the shield at the front helps to prevent the ball breaking up in flight. The shape and weight distribution also helps it to accurately be cast long distances, and on the retrieve it planes up off the bottom and the amount of spin is minimal, thus reducing line twist. There is a rubber insert in the nose, into which a size 8 swivel fits perfectly, and a Tail Rubber makes for a neat, tangle-free finish at the other end. It is available in 50g or 35g versions.

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