Korda Chod Safe System


The ChodSafe is the perfect storage system for any angler who uses chod rigs and allows them to be kept in perfect condition until you need them. It is built from rugged plastic and finished in soft-touch rubber, with a flip-open lid that is held closed by magnets when not being used, to prevent any chance of spillages. Inside there are two different foam-covered cylindrical, removable, sections for storing your chods, with the differing diameter of them allowing you to keep the perfect curve to both your short and long rigs. Hooks are held in place via a machined, grooved, aluminium bar, which also avoids any chance of damage to the points during transit, and the other end of the rig is secured to the foam via a pin – 30 pins are supplied with each ChodSafe. As well as being able to hold 28 pre-tied chod rigs, there is also space for three leadcore leaders complete with Heli-Safe Systems. When the cylinder is lifter out of the case, you can pop out a recess handle, which has been designed to help you to steam the perfect curve into your rigs without burning your fingers.

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