Korda Dark Matter Braid


This super-supple braided hook link material sinks incredibly well, been that it hugs the bottom contours, making it very hard for carp to spot it. It features very tough fibres which are tightly woven so that they won’t easily come apart, thus making it easier to get a clean cut and to cleanly thread it through the eye of a hook when tying a knotless knot. It is made up of a mixture of green and silt coloured fibres, so ensure that it will blend in well with whatever type of bottom you’re fishing over. It is a great choice when fishing with Solidz PVA bags, but also lends itself to numerous other rigs. Dark Matter Braid comes on a 20m spool and a choice of 15lb, 20lb or 30lb breaking strains.

Korda Dark Matter Braid Product Description

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