Korda Dark Matter Leader Drop Off Inline 30lb


These Dark Matters leaders are designed to be used with drop-off inline leads, with the fused material attached to one eye of a Size 8 Ring Swivel to allow you to fish this set-up effectively. This leader has tungsten collars impregnated into it, to ensure it stays pinned to the bottom. It is just 30cm in length, so is perfect when being used with solid PVA bags and where you don’t need a longer leader, as well as on lakes where longer leaders are banned. The other end of this leader has a fused loop, which your main line can either be tied to, or to allow the leader to easily be taken off, the loop-to-loop method is best. These leaders are 30lb breaking strain and come in a choice of clear, weed or gravel colours. You get one leader per pack.

Korda Dark Matter Leader Drop Off Inline 30lb Product Description

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