Korda Dark Matter Leader Ring Swivel


These fused leaders have integral sections of tungsten, ensuring that they stay pinned to the lakebed and help to avoid spooking fish. The Ring Swivel Leader simply comes with one of our size 8 Ring Swivels fused onto one end of it, and with a fused loop at the other end for easy attachment, and detachment, from your main line – the simplest way is to attach it loop-to-loop style. It is the perfect choice for helicopter set-ups and can easily be adapted to fit a Heli-Safe System, plus as long as you moisten the leader first, our Inline Leads, Lead Clips, Running Rigs, and even Bait-Up Method Feeders can easily be slid down the leader to the Ring Swivel, and located in place. The 1m length Dark Matter material used for these leaders is very abrasion resistant and has a breaking strain of 30lb – or 40lb for the Euro version. There are also 50cm and 30cm versions if you require a shorter leader – such as for long range casting. The leader can easily be matched to the lakebed as there is a choice of different colours: Clear, Weed, Gravel, Clay or Silt. Each packet contains one leader.

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