Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing


Rig tubing doesn’t get heavier than this, meaning that it will pin everything to the bottom and keep it out of the way of fish feeding around your rig. Not only is this Dark Matter Rig Tube extremely heavy for its size, but it is also very supple meaning that it will follow the contours of the lake bed, rather than sticking up like a heavy stiffer tubing can do. One of the biggest frustrations when using rig tubing is threading it, but that isn’t a problem with this Dark Matter one as the internal bore is 0.75mm, so any line or braid easily goes through. It will also fit any of our components used for a lead set-up, such as Tail Rubbers. It is available in Weed Green, Silt or Gravel Brown, with a 2m length in each packet.

Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Tubing Product Description

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