Korda Dry Kore Bedchair Cover


The DRYKORE Bechair Cover is designed to keep you dry and comfortable all year round, thanks to it being waterproof and breathable. It features a 15K hydrophilic layer to ensure that water can’t get through – should you sit on it in wet clothes; get condensation dripping on it; or decide to do the night under the stars – plus it is breathable to help ensure that you don’t sweat and that moisture can’t form inside it. As well as keeping your sleeping bag and bedchair dry, it will also keep you warm as the material prevents any draughts getting through it, and it features a fleece lining which can be zipped in and out as required, depending on the time of year. The DRYKORE Bechair Cover has been shaped to provide a good fit to your bedchair without hanging down on the ground, but at the same time giving you the space to move around inside it. It attaches to your bedchair via several straps which are quick to clip in place, which ensure that it remains in place even if you have to make a quick exit during the night. It is olive green in colour.

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