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A lot of modern rigs involve tying your bait onto a rig ring or micro swivel with Bait Floss, and this can be fiddly, especially in the dark or with cold fingers. Floss Caps remove all the hassle from attaching your bait though, as you simply thread one on to the tag ends of Bait Floss – once you’ve used a baiting needle to mount your hookbait on the floss – push it into the bait until it sits flush to it, and then user a lighter to blob the ends of the floss to hold the Floss Cap securely in place. Three different colour combinations of Floss Caps are available, to either match your hookbait or add a splash of colour – clear; red/white; or pink/yellow. They come attached to a central holder and are simply twisted to detach the individual Floss Cap as you need it. Each pack contains 20 Floss Caps – ten of each colour.

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