Korda Flying Backlead


These are an updated version of our original Safe Zone Flying Back Leads and have been redesigned so that they can be used with either mono or braid. The Flying Back leads are designed so that they come back up your main line during the cast and help to pin as much line as possible to the lake bed. A clever slotted insert allows them to be removed from your line simply by twisting it until it aligns with the slot on the backlead, so it is easy to switch between different sizes as required. This slotted design doesn’t work well with braid though and it can easily get trapped in the slot, so they also come supplied with a special insert specifically for use with braided lines. A small rubber bead is used as a buffer when the Flying Back Lead is sat above your leader knot (assuming that you are using a Dark Matter or Kable leader) prior to the cast. They come in two different sizes – small (3g) or medium (5) – and the weight is etched into each backlead. They have a brown camouflage coating. Each packet contains five back leads complete with inserts; five braid inserts; and five rubber beads.

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