Korda Kable Leadcore


Leadcore has been around for years, but like everything else that we produce we wanted to make a better version on it, and so we came up with Kable. It is designed to be very strong, with a breaking strain of 50lb, and abrasion resistant, and the alternating bands of subtle colouration means that it almost melts into the lake bed and is very hard for fish to spot. Kable also splices very well, and these loops are the perfect way to connect it to your main line so that the leadcore leader can be re-used without having to cut it. It comes in a choice of two colours – Weed/Silt or Gravel – and is supplied on a 7m or 25m spool. For extreme fishing situations, such as on some lakes on the continent, there is a 70lb Kable XT version available, on a 15m spool, in Weedy Green or Gravel Brown.

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