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Crimping is a great way to achieve neat, strong connections, especially when you are using stiffer and/or thicker materials which can be hard to knot effectively – plus it allows you to get the hook link length right every time, which is especially useful for chod rigs. Getting it just right though when you do crimp something, so that it won’t slip or weaken the material, is always a concern, but this Krimp Tool alleviates that issue as it is purposely designed for use with the two sizes of Krimp that we sell. As long as the Krimps are matched to an appropriate diameter of hook link material, the Krimp Tool will allow you to create the perfect connection every time. It is made from stainless steel with rubberised handles to allow you to get a good grip and ensure the right amount of pressure is applied to a Krimp, plus it features a line cutter in its jaws which is useful when constructing rigs. The pack also contains 10 x Small and 10 x Large Krimps.

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