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Crushed bait is a great addition to any PVA bag or spod mix, as it releases flavour faster and also breaks down quicker than whole baits do. The Krusha takes all of the effort out of grinding up whole baits, and can be used with boilies, pellets and particles such as tiger nuts, and will quickly reduce even the hardest of baits into a crumb. Simply put some baits in the Krusha, put the two halves together, and then keep twisting it back and forth until the required texture of crumb is reached. The Krusha is made of very tough and durable plastic, and is built to last, and its shape is designed such that the two halves are easy to grip and twist. A Large version is available for processing bigger quantities of bait, such as to add to a spod mix, or the Small one is perfect when making up a PVA bag mix.

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