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Once you have found a good spot in your swim it makes sense to mark your line to enable you to cast back to it quickly and easily every time – without the need to re-wrap your rods to the correct distance. Marker Elastic is perfect for this as you can use a short piece of it to tie a stop knot on your line at the correct distance – tie your stop knot so that it lines up with a rod ring above the spigot, rather than next to your line clip, to ensure that once you have cast out, it is the right side of your buzzer so that it won’t get stuck in it when you get a bite, and also not too close the other side of your alarm, such that it will prevent the registration of dropbacks! Once you’ve cast back out and everything has settled, the stop knot should end up in roughly the same place every time, if you’ve accurately landed on your spot and hit the clip properly. Marker Elastic is soft enough that it won’t damage your line, and can easily be removed if you change your spot, but will remain in place until then as long as you tie a proper stopknot and moisten it before tightening, and will grip very well on any monofilament line – less so on braid but it can still be used. It can slide though whilst playing a fish, especially through weed, so do use your Distance Sticks to check it in this situation. Marker Elastic is bright green in colour to make it easy to spot at night, and the spool – which is designed to stop more than you need from coming off of it – is the same colour so it is easy to find if you put it down on the ground whilst tying a stopknot on your line. Each spool has 6m of Marker Elastic.

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