Korda Marker Stem


The Marker Stem has been designed to give your marker float the best possible chance of popping up to the surface once you manage to find a spot that you want to fish. It features a clip at one end to allow you to easily attach and detach your lead, and change size if you decide that you need to cast further out, and a ball bearing swivel to help prevent line twist. At the other end is a low-friction large-eyed ceramic ring which is designed to allow your line (ideally braid) to easily run through it – and without any chance of braid cutting into it – thus ensuring that your marker float comes to the surface when you want it to. The Marker Stem also has an ultra buoyant foam section to keep the ceramic ring clear of any debris on the bottom and help ensure that the float pops up to the surface. A Shok Bead is included so that the Marker Stem sits neatly against your marker float during the cast.

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