Korda Mini Rigsafe Combi


The Mini RigSafe Combi is designed to store up to 20 pre-tied rigs, plus all the terminal tackle bits associated with them. This rugged, moulded plastic rig case features a soft-touch rubber coating, and also has markings to help you to measure your rigs exactly during construction of them, plus a magnetic fastener to prevent any chance of it accidentally opening and spilling the contents. Inside, one half of it has a high density foam board, plus a ridged aluminium bar and recess, to enable you to store up to 20 rigs of up to 8 in. long – or longer if you make use of the double pins – without fear of them becoming tangled or the hook points getting damaged. The recess also ensures that any shrink tube or Kickers stay in the correct shape as well. The other side features 12 compartments which are accessed via clear plastic flip-tops, and these are designed to hold essentials such as Hook Beads, hair stops, shrink tubing, swivels, links, beads, or anything of a similar size. It comes supplied with 15 standard pins and 10 double ones.

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