Korda N Trap KD Rig


The KD rig is an incredibly effective way of fishing buoyant baits and is a proven big fish catcher, as well as being very simple to tie, with a slight variation of a knotless knot. But if you don’t want to tie it yourself, then these ready rigs have been constructed using the same components and specifications that the top anglers at Korda use when making this themselves. N-Trap Soft coated braid is tied to an ultra-sharp Kurv Shank hook, with an appropriate breaking strain for the size of hook being used – 15lb for size 6, 8 and 20; 20lb for size 4; or 30lb for size 2. At the other end a figure-of-eight loop knot to a size 8 swivel provides plenty of movement and allow the rig to sit properly. It is available in barbed of barbless versions, with one rig per pack.

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