Korda Shrink Tube


This Shrink Tube can be used to finish off rigs and increase their hooking potential by curving the hook link inwards, thus helping the hook to flip over once in the carp’s mouth. There are number of rigs which utilise Shrink Tube, with the line aligner being one of the most common. It is stiff enough that it will maintain its shape, but once a fish is hooked it will straighten so that no damage is done – unlike with an actual bent hook. It comes in a choice of small (1.2mm), medium (1.6mm), or XL (in Weed colour) versions, so that it can be used with any size of hook, and in Clay, Gravel, Silt, or Weed colours, so you can match it to the type of lake bed you are fishing over. Each pack contains eight 55mm lengths.

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