Korda Sky Liner Spod.


This traditional spod has been updated and tweaked to make it even better than the original. It can be cast a very long way, whilst losing the minimum amount of bait due to ‘spod spill’ whilst in flight. The holes and their positioning allow it to empty very quickly once it hits the water, and help it to be retrieved as effortlessly through the water as possible. The front flights, which it used to feature, have been scrapped and it now flies far straighter, even in a cross wind. It can be used with boilies, pellets or particles – although a stodgy mix will help reduce spill in flight. It also features a bright orange nose cone to make it easy to spot and is quickly attached to your spod rod set-up via our patented Spod Tail.

Korda Sky Liner Spod. Product Description

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