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The biggest issue with many braided main lines is that they don’t sink very well, and although that property can be an advantage in some situations, there are plenty where it is not, and that is where SUB Braid really comes into its own. This braid sinks incredibly well but still gives you all the benefits of a braid, including zero stretch which gives you much more feel when looking for a good drop, or even leading around with your fishing rods to find a spot rather than getting the marker out. It isn’t as thin as some braids, but this is what gives it great sinking properties, and also makes it very tough and durable, but it also still casts very well. Like with any braided main line, it is best to use some sort of fused leader, leadcore or tubing to prevent the braid coming into direct contact with the flanks of a fish. It comes in a SUB Green colour which is designed to blend in with the lake bed, and in a choice of 15lb (0.30mm) or 20lb (0.34mm) breaking strains, and is supplied on either 450m or 1,200m spools.

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