Korda Subline


Incredibly fast sinking monofilament main line

Heavy and very supple

Tough, strong and casts well

Korda Subline Product Description

This has been designed so that it is incredibly fast sinking and more akin to a fluorocarbon in that respect, but as it is a monofilament it still retains the attributes that can make it superior to a fluorocarbon in some angling situations. Not only is it heavy but it is also very supple, which makes it great for slack line fishing as it will literally hang down limply from your rod tip and lay over the contours of whatever is between you and your hook bait. In addition to that, it still casts incredibly well ? far better than a fluorocarbon can ? and is highly abrasion resistant, as well as having good knot strength. It comes in a choice of different breaking strains ? 10lb, 12lb, 15lb or 20lb – to cover everything from open water fishing in the UK to tackling snaggy venues for big fish abroad. It comes in a choice of SUB Brown or SUB Green colours, on a 1,000m spool.

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