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Many waters at home and abroad contain nuisance species, such as crayfish, which can either whittle down your hookbait, or take it off of the hair, and there is nothing worse than sitting and wondering if you still have a bait on! Super Wrap solves that problem and protects your hookbait, whilst still allowing it to leak attraction, thanks to the tiny holes in this clear plastic coating. It is very easy to apply, simply cut a strip from the correct size of Super Wrap for the diameter of bait being used, and then use steam from a kettle to shrink it around your bait. Then repeat the process with another strip of it placed at right angles to the first one – thus covering the entire boilie in Super Wrap and preventing it from being damaged. Using this in conjunction with our Extenda Stops will prevent the bait from being pulled off of the hair. Three different sizes are available – Small for 8-12mm baits; Medium for 13-22mm baits; Large for 23-32mm baits.

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