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This is more than just another Tackle Box, it is the ultimate in terminal tackle storage and every aspect of it has been carefully thought out. It is larger than any of our other storage systems, such as the Tackle Safe, and is designed for those of you who like to take everything that you might need in one box, and have it stored in an organised way so that you can easily find what you are looking for. You can customise it to exactly what suits you, thanks to the range of accessories that fit into it. There are 29 compartments built into the lid of the box, with clear plastic flip tops to keep everything secure and allow you to see what is inside, and these can be used to store all sorts of smaller items such as swivels, rig rings, Heli-Safe, shrink tube, or anything of a similar size. The lid also includes a rig board, complete with a machined, grooved hook retention bar and a magnet to hold your rigs in place, plus a ruler to help when constructing them. The main compartment of the Tackle Box is open and split up into sections, with moveable dividers that allow you to customise it. It comes set up so that our square hook link material spools, Kamakura hook boxes, EVA foam zig spools, and new Leader Safe, will all fit in perfectly, along with other items such as scissors and baiting needles. This part of the Tackle Box will also take our Mini Compartment Boxes, which have clear flip top lids, and are sold separately in a choice of 6, 8, 9 or 16 compartments, to offer all sorts of different storage options for smaller items. The Tackle Box is constructed from high impact plastic and is very durable, and closes magnetically to ensure that it can’t come open during transit, and means there are no fasteners to get stuck or wear out. It will fit neatly into a Compac 220 EVA pouch.

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