Korum Eva Ground Bait Riddle Set


One of the first things match anglers do when arriving in their drawn swim is prepare their groundbait or pellet, this is usually done with a large, cumbersome bucket and oversized metal riddle, which can take up valuable space on the bank, in the car and at home.

Korum have introduced an alternative, the Korum EVA Groundbait and Riddle Set, is far more compact (25cm x 15cm) than the more traditional bucket and metal riddle, taking up far less precious space in your tackle arsenal, the portability of the EVA set is exacerbated by a carry handle located on the top of the EVA bowl.

Despite its smaller size, the EVA bowl is plenty big enough to fit enough groundbait to last you the length of a match. The middle itself is made from a rubber mesh, no less effective than its metal counterpart and much lighter, again, easier transportation.

Being EVA the Groundbait Riddle Set is easy to clean, far easier than a bucket and metal riddle, the zip lid will also ensure the contents of the EVA bowl will be confined to the bowl and not end up in the back of your car, which can sometimes happen with a traditional groundbait bucket.

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