Korum Natural Maggot – Yellow & Orange


Perfect for the specimen hunter about to embark on their tench, bream and carp campaigns, as well as the pleasure angler looking for a more resilient hookbait, the Korum Artificial Natural Maggots offers 2 types of maggot textures in each pack. By this, half the maggots are a softer rubber construction for hooking directly, whilst the other half of the pack are firmer, for hair-rigging or using in a mag-aligner setup.With 2 colour options per pack, choose between the yellow and orange or natural-looking colours or check out the flouro colour scheme of red and white fake maggots.All the artificial maggots are buoyant and offer a variety of sizes and shapes to give anglers a variety of hookbait options. Each pack has 12 maggots per packet.

Korum Natural Maggot – Yellow & Orange Product Description

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