Nash Citruz 1kg


Available in both original pink which contains washed out no spook pastel pink boilies plus high attract bright baits in the same bag or a pure white which has proven the colour of choice for cold water conditions wild carp rivers and park lakes alike.

Based on a highly digestible cereal and milk protein base mix with proven cold water pedigree levels and taste of Nashbait’s exclusive time aged fruit ester essential oil and Talin attractor blend have been adjusted to allow Citruz boilies to be used effectively as free offerings as well as hookbaits.

Like the pop ups they come into their own when conditions and angler pressure make bites difficult to come by on any other bait. Citruz Flake contains both white and pink elements and is deadly over weed and silt – perfect for spod mixes bait boats and PVA work it encourages prolonged feeding from very light application.

Nash Citruz 1kg Product Description

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