Nash Siren Night Glo Swing-Arm


Using an MMCX bayonet push and twist connection for an LED output from an R4 when the alarm’s Night Glo function is enabled Night Glo Swing Arms offer a unique pulsing illumination whenever the alarm LED lights. A complete indication system the Night Glo Swing arm allows instant changes between traditional Swing Arm operation and the deadly sprung tension system made famous on the Wasp indicator.

A twist and lock control dial offers four settings selecting the tension between variable drag weight loading only plus additional settings 1-3 that dial in progressively more spring loaded tension for effective registration of drop backs and improved contact with end tackles at extreme range. The slickest visual indicators yet from Nash the Night Glo range offer the perfect complement to the performance of the Siren R4 alarms.

Variable drag weight Swing Arm operation 3 additional settings for spring loaded tension Full range of matching coloured heads with a pulsing glow to replicate R4 LED colours plus a black head option with white LED Magnetic quick release hockey stick attachment Push and twist power cable attachment to R4 output socket Unique magnetic gate line clip guaranteed to release only when the rod is lifted.

Nash Siren Night Glo Swing-Arm Product Description

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