The Inflatable Boat Fishing Camo Hydrus


Inflatable Boat Fishing’s latest model Hydrus the ‘H5 Camo’ has been introduced not only as an alternative colour to go inshore fishing but also for Carp anglers to go river and lake fishing.

The Inflatable Boat Fishing Camo Hydrus Product Description

Many carp anglers visit lakes all over Europe which are inaccessible by car.

The only route to get to the banks of these rivers is by boat so we’ve introduced three different sizes all of which are a carbon copy of the OG Hydrus and arrive mid summer 2022.


We have the 3.7m that, with the colour changes not only suit river and lake fishing but also won’t look out of place inshore fishing.

These can be used to transport your gear from the car parks to your chosen lake side pitch or to go out inshore fishing.
This size is also available with Railblaza Ribports prefixed so that any of the Railblaza accessories can be added.

On top of that, IBF are the only SIB company where the 3.7m Hydrus boats can fit both an air deck and an ally deck without any modifications. Switch between the two decks with ease to suit your fishing conditions.


We have the 2.4m slatted deck which, being extremely lightweight can be used to take bait out to the middle of the lakes to then drop leaving a trace back to their setups.

Most carp anglers that fish from the banks of European lakes usually have these inflated next to them ready to take bait out and also to unsnag lines if needed.


We also have a 3.0m H5 Camo as a ‘one size does both’ option for those that don’t plan on taking everything including the kitchen sink with them to their pitch.

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