The Inflatable Boat Fishing Classic Hydrus


The ultimate fresh and salt water inflatable fishing boat.

A size availible to suit any fishing situation.

A strong, unique desing to provide a safe and comfatble expereince fishing.

Air deck or aluminium deck options.

Fitted Rail Blazer port options.

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The Inflatable Boat Fishing Classic Hydrus Product Description

The latest model Hydrus V has arrived and is available for collection or delivery.

IBF strives to improve the Hydrus each time a new model is launched.

The Hydrus V or ‘H5’ for short is no exception.

One question I always get asked is what type of floor is best, air deck or ally deck?

With specially designed floor support rails you can now buy the Hydrus with both decks, giving you the option to switch between the two without making any modifications to the boat.

If the weather is fine or you’re fishing solo then fit the air deck making set up lighter, quicker and easier. In bigger swells opt for the ally deck for more stability. Only applies to the 3.7m Hydrus.

Instead of using glue, the tube seams are now heat welded for extra strength and an even longer lifespan.

Being sat on an aluminium seat all day while fishing takes its toll after a while so we’ve added special 30mm shock absorber foam to the seat bags. Say goodbye to numbness, aches and pains.
The air decks now have an extra top layer of 0.7mm pvc for protection against hooks and fish spines.

Both air decks and ally decks now come with straps to secure your fuel tank. We couldn’t decide whether to add them to the stern or the bow so we’ve added them to both.

Air valves now have pressure rings that state the correct psi to avoid over or under inflating that can affect the performance of the boat.

We’ve also added a new and improved hand pump with pressure gauge.

With all these additions the latest model H5 is most definitely the best Sib out there.

Pre order yours today to avoid disappointment.

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Follow Rhys as he takes his Hydrus on tour throughout the UK catching some amazing species of fish along the way..

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