Tronix Baitex Medium 500m


Medium ??? this is great for wrapping worm baits, bigger mackerel baits and sandeel. It is stronger than the light version but is still incredibly thin.
Super stretchy, stretches to double its size for tight weaving and longevity.
Snaps cleanly for hassle free bait presentations.
Protective canister to keep the bait wrap in perfect conditions.

Tronix Baitex Medium 500m Product Description

A premium quality, bait wrapping material made from latex that is super stretchy and strong while being soft and fine. This helps to wrap up baits tight, conceal the bait wrap and means you use less too. This material is also perfect for snapping clean. With some traditional baiting elastics, it can take some real force to break the elastic, often degenerating bait presentation in the process. With a sharp, smooth tug, Tronixpro Baitex will snap clean each time. Supplied on 500m spools, this is a larger spool than most other bait wrapping material. The stretch in the material means each spool of Tronixpro Baitex will effectively stretch out to more than double its original length, making it last substantially longer than most other bait elastic products on the market. Each spool comes in its own canister, made from clear plastic and with three holes, one at each end and one at the side. The hole at the top/bottom is useful for when you are using the canister in your hand to wrap baits and is used for attaching the canister to the Tronixpro Baitex Bracket. The side hole is used when the Tronixpro Baitex Bracket is being used. A hook and loop strip surrounds the top and side holes; this is to lock the Baitex material in place after you???ve used it, eliminating the problem of elastic falling through a dispenser hole.

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