Tronix Folding Drop Net


Designed for landing fish when fishing from piers and high walled structures
Folds away for compact, easy storage
Comes with rope, for lowering to sea level, four guy ropes on each corner ensure the net is lifted level

Tronix Folding Drop Net Product Description

Required when fishing from piers and high walled structures to land fish. The drop net comes in both a standard and a large size depending on the type of fish the angler is targeting. The net folds away for convenience and easy storage, it also comes with a length of rope so that it can be lowered down the structure to the water level to land fish. The rope is joined on each corner, so the net will always be brought up level so that a fish cannot escape. The standard Drop Net is good for use with general species fishing, and the large net is perfect for targeting larger species such as conger eels.

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