Tronix Mighty Minnow Kit Mixed


A soft plastic lure designed primarily for bass fishing but has taken pollack, wrasse, pike and perch in testing.
Constructed of a tough, soft plastic that is durable while better imitating the swimming actions of small prey fish.
The design promotes a pronounced rolling action, and the deliberately small paddle tail produces a rapid flutter that predatory fish find irresistible.
Each jig head features an ultra-sharp, strong fixed hook for solid hook-ups. Also, the design of the jig has a unique curved jaw, which helps the jig head to bounce off rocks, protecting the hook and reducing the potential to snag.
Also available as a kit with mixed colours in both 14g and 28g.

Tronix Mighty Minnow Kit Mixed Product Description

If you can???t decide on the exact Mighty Minnow you want to fish with, why not pick up one of our Mighty Minnow Kits! These handy sized, plastic lure boxes contain everything you need to get started fishing with our Mighty Minnows. There are four kits available ranging from 5g up to 28g with each box containing four jig heads and sixteen lure bodies. There are four colours in each box that help you match the right one to the fishing situation you find yourself in. Ideal for grabbing when you???re off for a quick session.

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