Tronix T24 Octopus Beak Hook


Black nickel finished, forged, carbon steel hook with turned out eye.
Short shank ??? the perfect base for crab mussel, worm and fish baits.
Turned out eye for Snell/Knotless knotting, giving you maximum strength and a stiffer snood/hook connection.
A good hook to go for when fishing with fluorocarbon snoods.

Tronix T24 Octopus Beak Hook Product Description

Finished in Black Nickel this is a forged, carbon steel hook with a turned-out eye. The short shank provides the perfect base for soft baits such as crab, mussel and worm. It is excellent for mounting fish baits when targeting rays and smoothhounds. The turned-out eye allows for Snell/Knotless knotting for maximum strength and for anglers who want a stiff connection between the hook and line, which can aid hooking. The Snell Knot has found favour with anglers using fluorocarbon as a reliable connection between snood and hook. A beaked point with pronounced barb provides a secure hook hold, whatever species you???re targeting.

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