Tronix X8 Power Moss Green 300M 20lb


Tightly woven from eight strands of 100% PE from Japan, producing a low diameter, high breaking strain braid
Round profile so that the braid does not dig into itself when packed onto a spool
Thin diameter making it the ideal casting line and a good line for cutting through the tide from a boat
Added UV protection ensuring the line lasts longer than other braids on the market

Tronix X8 Power Moss Green 300M 20lb Product Description

A super-thin, durable braid tightly woven from eight strands of 100% PE material from Japan. This low diameter braid has a high breaking strain to diameter and is perfect for both shore and boat anglers. From the shore, this lower diameter increases casting efficiency to reach further distances. From a boat, the lower diameter helps to cut through the water better, enabling the angler to fish with lighter leads at depth when faced with quicker tides. The round profile helps to load the braid onto the spool correctly, so it doesn???t dig into itself, a common problem with braid. This reduces tangles and creates less friction when casting. The braid is soft, making it easy to handle, yet this softness has not compromised the strength and durability of the line. Added UV protection helps to reduce the degrading effects of the sun on braided lines making it last longer than some other braids on the market.

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