Tronix Xenon Tapered Leader


Ideal for shore anglers who use fixed spools and level wind multipliers.
Allows creation of smaller shock leader knots.
Amplifies line flow for smoothness to help increase casting distance.
50/50 leader has the benefits of orange line to the mainline so you can identify when your shock leader is coming out of the water, with a clear section at the rig end, so it doesn???t spook shy fish.

Tronix Xenon Tapered Leader Product Description

Using the same advanced copolymer as our standard clear and orange Xenon Tapered Leaders, the 50/50 has been introduced which blends a half clear and half orange tapered leader together. The orange section of the leader is knotted to the reel mainline with the clear part going to the rig. The Xenon 50/50 Tapered shockleader is ideal for anglers who want the reassurance of the orange colour so they know that the leader is coming out of the water, yet still want the stealth of clear mono running to the rig. This type of leader is especially useful when fishing in clear, shallow water where an orange leader could spook shy fish. Like the standard tapered leaders, the thick end runs to the rig end with a gradual, tapered section running to where the reels mainline is knotted, giving neat, compact knots that sail through rod rings. This aids casting efficiency and helps knots run through the smaller rings on continental style, surfcasting rods.

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